Olha quem ela é!!!

Hope Sandoval

Mais de uma década depois de Mazzy Star, Hope Sandoval ainda está viva. Poderíamos perguntar se está mais madura, se mudou a sua forma de cantar, se faz as coisas de forma diferente e a resposta será provavelmente: parece que não! Pegando na receita original, continua a cantar no mesmo tom meloso, soturno, com cheiro a tabaco e a noites longas numa cadeira de bar de um filme negro. Por isso, nada de novo, mas isso para os fãs de Mazzy Star até é uma boa notícia.  Não trazendo nada de novo ao panorama da música, deixo ficar aqui o vídeo mais recente de alguém que, pensava eu, neste momento estaria mais ocupada num trabalho limpo e honesto do que a cantar como há 15 anos atrás. Só para os fãs este:

E para os apenas saudosos, como eu, este:

10 responses to “Olha quem ela é!!!

  1. Blog porreiro e bem estruturado..

    Se quiseres dá uma espreita também no meu:


  2. mistersilva74

    Obrigado pelo comentário.

    Já passei pelo teu, assim sempre dá para ficar mais informado sobre o meu outro hobby, o futebol!

  3. I have been desperately in love with Hope for so long! Everything she does is beautiful, but I still always love to listen to Mazzy Star late at night…

  4. mistersilva74

    I didn’t even know she was still performing after the break up of Mazzy Star. It’s always good to hear her soft, mellow voice.

  5. Hey! I can always count on your music advice 😉 I found Mazzy Star “Fade into you” Live from 1994. Beautiful. Obviously, I was too young to appreciate them at the time.

    I had this idea to write down 50 of my favourite albums. It was harder than I thought, there are just too many haha + where to draw the line? In my opinion a great ALBUM has to feel complete, well produced, and have a soul.

    Which ones are your very favourites?!

    Take care!


  6. mistersilva74

    Hi there!

    Once again, I am so sorry for such a late reply to your always welcome post, but the fact is that it is impossible for me to even begin to chart my 50 top albums os all time. I would even have problems deciding on my favourite 5!
    Anyway, I have to say that for me “Ok Computer” has been my reference for “the album”. I don’t really know why. I fell in love with Paranoid Android and just decided to get the rest of the songs. Wise decision!
    I would also put “ten”, by Pearl Jam, for all the rage and power of its songs. “Achtung Baby” would also be there, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, by The Smashing Pumpkins, and maybe even “Out of Time” by R.E.M. These all seem like “old timers” now, don’t they? Oh, and Grace, by Jeff Buckley, of course!

    More recently, Goldfrapp (Felt Mountain), Deus (any of the first three albums), Tindersticks (first three as well), Massive Attack, Perry Blake, Yann Tiersen, Rodrigo Leão and so many others. Loads of them if I start thinking, but could never make a top 50. Definitely too ambitious for a lazy man like me!

  7. Hi again!! I’ll have to look those recent ones up because I almost dont know any of them!! I like your “old timers” better haha!

    Glad to share music with you!

    Have a happy weekend!


  8. mistersilva74

    Hi there again!

    Speaking of old timers and dated music from the 80’s, what do you think of the latest artist / band I posted? Zola Jesus is her name. She sounds so much like some gothic bands from the past it’s almost unreal. Didn’t know this type of music was still made! Kind of brings back memories from dark, smoky clubs, doesn’t it?

  9. Zola Jesus definititely sounds straight from the 80’s! Are they newly produced or not? I love the sound, but I think I am too young to have experienced the smoky goth clubs, I was born 82! 🙂

    Anyway, its always a pleasure!

  10. mistersilva74

    Well, Zola Jesus is quite a recent project. From what I’ve read, she’s still a very young artist, working almost as a part time artist. Nevertheless, her sound takes us back in time, doesn’t it?
    Unfortunately, it seems we won’t be getting anything new from her until next year.

    PS – Arcade Fire seem to be about to release something fresh. It’s about time!

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