Simplesmente fantástico!

Não preciso dizer nada! Basta escutar a performance da artista. Deus e o Diabo no corpo!

Florence and the Machine


3 responses to “Simplesmente fantástico!

  1. I am so damn lucky! 😉 They are playing at Way Out West in Sweden in August. And yes, I have the ticket!

  2. mistersilva74

    Lucky, lucky you!
    They are definitely one of my favourites at the moment. Check out their album “Lungs”. It’s really good. All that raw power from Florence is trully amazing! What a voice…
    Unfortunately, I don’t thint they’ll be stopping by in Portugal anytime soon!

  3. I do have the album, great stuff (I love it for running 🙂 her voice is so powerful)

    Hope you are having a beautiful summer in Portugal! Sweden is sunny one day and rainy the next…Take care!

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